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VTeam Labs helps you redefine learning by empowering you with an easy to use, customized and scalable functionality

of a powerful Open edX platform.

What is Open edX?

Open edX is the open source platform founded by MIT and Harvard that powers edX courses. It’s a platform can be customized and extended to build learning tools that precisely meet your needs. This interactive learning tool is used all over the world to host Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as well as smaller classes and training sessions.

Open edX logo

Open Source Platform

  • Allows for constant, continual, improved  contributions
    from creative minds, worldwide


  • Saves time spent on in-person training, resulting in reduced cost
  • Increase employee productivity


  • Store your data in the cloud or on your corporate servers
  • Immense security mechanisms to keep data secure

Customized and scalable

  • Can be modified and customized
    to meet your needs


  • Maintain full intellectual property of your course materials and learner data

Trusted Worldwide

  • Used by large organizations such as Microsoft,
    McKinsey, Stanford University, etc.
  • Supported by a strong community of corporate,
    academic and government partners

Interactive User Interface

  • Studio and learning management system

Our Services on Open edX platform


  • Custom Feature Development

    Custom courseware content types, new problem types, custom video player experience, etc.

  • Custom Analytics and Reporting Solutions

    Customized reporting solutions using Hadoop and Spark

  • Monitoring Dashboard

    Track system health and trigger alerts as needed, using several open source tools

  • Platform Upgrades

    From Dogwood/Eucalyptus/Ficus to Gingko

  • Enterprise Systems Integration

    Integrate your Open edX data with third-party platforms using custom APIs

  • E-commerce Integration

    Enable monetization and solve any integration issues

  • Comprehensive Theming

    UI/UX designers and developers for theming and customizations


  • Micro Sites

    Customize multiple sites in the same platform installation to address the different target audiences and provide separation of users and content

  • Platform Deployment Support and Maintenance

    Install, deploy and configure as per your requirement post-pdeployment implementation support and maintenance for Open edX platform

  • Training and Consultancy

    Get your IT team to quickly ramp-up on the Open edX platform

Benefits of Working with VTeam Labs

Create a Truly Unique Learning Experience represented by a mouse attached to a book

Create a Truly Unique
Learning Experience

  • Custom features and Xblocks development
  • Customized theming of microsites per role
Go Beyond Open edX Standards represented by a gauge marked from yellow to green to red

Go Beyond Open edX

  • Monitor dashboard for admins
  • Custom analytics and reporting solutions for trainers and students
Evolve as the User Needs Change represented by a sheet of paper with colored charts on it

Evolve as the User
Needs Change

  • Analyze data and feedback to iterate further
  • Use different content delivery or evaluation
    methods for different subjects
Choose What Fits Best represented by a clipboard with a checkmark on it

Choose What Fits Best

  • Azure, AWS, Open Stack or private cloud
  • Dogwood, Eucalyptus, Ficus or Gingko
  • Swift integration with other systems and
    e-commerce partners
Get Only What You Need represented by hands shaking

Get Only What You Need

  • Training, consulting, managed services
    or development
Career represented by resume, magnifying glass, letters, glasses, devices and a cup of coffee


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