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About Us

VTeamLabs, a technology solutions and services company, serves enterprises and other customers worldwide through direct and partner channels.

Who We Are

VTeamLabs is a technology solutions and services company, serving enterprises and other customers around the world through direct and partner channels. A Microsoft Azure Certified Partner and an AWS consulting partner, VTeamLabs focuses on both public cloud and open source platform-based solutions through evolving go-to-market relationships.

Our technology expertise includes cloud and data security, data sciences and engineering, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

Our approach enables us to solve complex engineering problems with an inclusive design mindset. Our technical competencies and skills extend to data analytics on SQL, SQL data platform, Azure Cosmos DB, Internet of Things, Microsoft Cloud Learning platform on Azure, Microsoft Cognitive Services, artificial intelligence and Microsoft Bot Framework.

Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, VTeamLabs has offices in Vancouver, BC, Canada and New Delhi, India.

Why VTeamLabs?

1. Enable business transformation displaying cloud and bar chart graphic in an orange circle

1. Enable business transformation using agile methods for cloud led product engineering and digital marketing.

2. Investment Ready icon displaying a screen with an upward trend line chart in an orange circle

2. Investment ready for clients with expert advisory, discovery workshops, assessment and consultation on emerging technologies (cloud, data, IoT and open source technology focused SMEs / architects).

3. Create IA and IoT apps and products showing icon representing tablet in an orange circle

3. Create commercial grade Internet of Things applications and products with more than one industry leading platform to fit your needs.

4. Leverage analytic experts icon with graphic representing charts in circle icon

4. Leverage data scientists and advanced analytics experts for cross-platform project delivery on Microsoft Cognitive Services, Bot Framework, etc.

5. Expedite team efforts icon showing people with dotted lines between in a circle

5. Expedite client team’s efforts with technology assets in multiple locations: Bellevue, WA, U.S. (HQ), Vancouver B.C., Canada (near-shore), and India (off-shore).

6. Cost Optimization icon showing $ and calculation symbols in a circle

6. Cost optimization allowing clients to manage fixed priced global project deliveries at optimal costs and with skills leadership in core focused areas.

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Our Assets

  • VTeamLabs has subject matter expertise across different technology workloads for cloud and data platforms (AWS and Azure)
  • Managed system integrator relationships
  • Outsourced engineering partner for Open edX on Azure
  • Impactful Independent Software Vendor partner solutions on public, private and hybrid clouds
  • Dual-shore advantage through Canada operations
  • Ability to support from multi-shore operations
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Our Aspirations

  • Build impactful and lasting advantages for enterprise customers through interplay of solution development with focus on disability inclusion in technology
  • Pivot to sustainable entrepreneurship goals in technology impacting economic development opportunities in Washington State and beyond
  • Empowerment of local STEM talent by creating jobs through public and private partnerships aided with investments in research and innovation
  • Drive “co-sell ready” partner momentum with  leading cloud and data platform providers
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Our Affiliations

  • Guide leading business-to-business enterprises towards solving their technology solution needs, while weaving accessibility goals into their corporate culture
  • Strong partnerships allowing VTeamLabs to cater to differentiated learning and readiness goals for universities and other learning institutions
  • Diverse community involvement that aids in creating and nurturing win-win interactions for all participants
  • Targeted industry and government partnerships, such as Cascadia Innovation Corridor that produce mutual benefits
  • Foster technological innovation and create sustainable entrepreneurial goals that drive economic empowerment and development alike

News & Updates

Photo of Madhup Verma

Madhup Verma, Founder & CEO, VTeam Labs

Cascadia Venture Acceleration Network Combines 50 NW Founders

A memo of understanding has been signed by close to 50 Pacific Northwest organizations including educational institutions, life science research networks, laboratories and new venture groups affirming the creation of the Cascadia Venture Acceleration Network, which will operate as a consortium supporting entrepreneurs and researchers across British Columbia, Washington state and Oregon.

Arnav Nath, Business Development Executive

VTeamLab’s Foray into Learning & Education Vertical

VTeamLabs is proud to announce its growing network presence within the field of educational technology worldwide. Our engineering expertise on Open edX platform has led to tremendous growth opportunities as partners with Microsoft and worldwide. Our deep engagements with Microsoft has given us the ability to leverage this platform for better learning and educational initiatives aside from addressing Enterprise skills initiatives worldwide.

We are happy to introduce our newest hire. Arnav Nath graduated from University of Washington and is keen to be at the forefront of such global initiatives. We welcome Arnav to the growing learning and education vertical business of VTeamLabs worldwide.

VTeamLabs is Proud to Participate in Cascadia Venture Acceleration Network (CVAN) 12/8/2017

We thank our Canadian partners, Canadian Consulate General in Seattle, Vancouver Economic Commission and BC Tech Association for the endorsement and support on the successful launch of VTeamLabs (Canada) Limited. VTeamLabs is delighted to be part of Cascadia Venture Acceleration Network’s focused effort at nurturing the mutual spirit of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship between private, non-profit and research entities within British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. We aspire to be a recognized Technology partner for “Cascadia Venture Acceleration Network” whereby we can be part of the movement to enhance productivity and innovation amongst communities in 3 states. VTeamLabs aims to not only create professional opportunities for high skill talent development, but also support the promise of this Cascadia Venture Acceleration Network’s future vision, mission around facilitation of cross-border trade and collaboration to the benefit of our clients and other stakeholders.
For more information on Cascadia Venture Acceleration Network, visit

VTeamLabs Takes Part in the Annual BC Tech Summit 5/21/2018

VTeamLabs is a proud participant in the BC Digital Technology Supercluster, securing an innovative economy for BC ,Vancouver, Canada. Microsoft & BC companies to invest in Canadian tech cluster establishing BC and Canada as global leaders in digital technology. Learn more about the BC Teach Summit here.

VTeamLabs Attends the Prestigious Open edX 2018 Conference in Montreal, Canada 5/30/2018

VTeamLabs attended the Open edX conference in Montreal, Canada. Through similar events, we aim to share our knowledge among other members of the global Open edX community. We are honored to be part of this exciting and educational event. Our employees, along with the founder & CEO, Mr. Madhup Verma attended the conference and got the opportunity to meet Mr. Anant Aggarwal, founder of Open edX. We were thrilled to be part of such a vibrant community of great leaders and consultants who share innovative ideas and work. VTeamLabs gained an insight into the new directions in Open edX’s architecture and what others in the community are working on. Our team is excited to use this knowledge to broaden its horizons, develop and customize the Open edX platform in line with the changing trends.

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VTeam Labs has a number of openings. Please visit our LinkedIn company page for current roles.

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